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A listing of available training presentations are listed below.  Contact Randy J. Wiler if you would like to receive detailed presentation and training information, training availability, and training costs.

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RAMP UP your schools bullying prevention program!


Common Props for the Classroom that promote Bullying Prevention Discussions

Our newest workshop provides attendees ideas and techniques on how to use common props to start and promote bullying prevention discussions in the classrooms. This workshop has been presented at the International Bullying Prevention Conference in 2011 and received rave reviews. (2 hour presentation)

11,000 Voices

This workshop will explore a 2011 study from Penn State of 11,800 U.S. students in grades 5-12.  The study was designed to solicit students’ perceptions about how to reduce peer mistreatment in our schools and to tell adults what works and what does not work in bullying prevention.  This presentation will inform those who work with students about some of the common mistakes and misconceptions held by adults when addressing bullying and what steps students would like us to take to make things better. (90 minute presentation)

School - Student Connectedness

School Connectedness is the belief by students that adults and peers in the school care about their learning as well as about them as individuals. This workshop will provide researched based strategies that will increase school and student connectedness. Students are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors and succeed academically when they feel connected to school. Research has demonstrated a strong relationship between school connectedness and educational outcomes, including school attendance, staying in school longer, and higher grades and classroom test scores. (90 minute presentation)

Effective and Energetic Classroom Meetings

The most effective component of your bullying prevention program is the weekly classroom meetings between the students and their teacher. Often teachers are at a loss for how to facilitate and create effective classroom meetings. This seminar is available in a 90 minute, half day and whole day presentation. Learning objectives include: a review of learning modalities, state changers, selection techniques, sample classroom meetings and energizers. (3 1/2 hour presentation) This is a "must see" training program for schools utilizing class meetings as a core component of their bullying prevention program.

NEW Strategies for Changing Bullying Behaviors

Our most requested training workshop!

This 3 or 3 1/2 hour training session will allow participants to gain an awareness of the personal attitudes of children who bully and gain insight into bully/victim (target) violence.
Participants will be able to define bully/victim (target) violence and learn to recognize bullying tendencies; explore intervention and interview methods for bullying behaviors; and develop and learn strategies to empower, redirect and change bullying behaviors. 
This workshop will present information to identify and recognize bullying behavior and the strategies needed to redirect it.

This training meets the requirements of KSA 72-8256 for providing bullying prevention training for school staff members. Read Senate KSA 72-8256

Bullying Prevention Basics

Children who bully others can turn into antisocial adults and are far more likely than others to commit crimes, batter their spouses, abuse their children—and produce another generation of children who bully. Here’s what you can learn in this 90 minute workshop:

· Learn why bullying is an abuse; 
· Develop awareness of personal attitudes about children who are being bullied; 
· Gain an awareness of personal attitudes about children who bully others; 
· Understand the differences in direct and indirect bullying and recognition of bullying, rough and tumble play and fighting.

(90 minute presentation)

Managing Your School's Bullying Prevention Program

Managing your school’s bullying prevention project is a performance issue based on knowledge. This seminar introduces a knowledge set that will help you better manage the bullying prevention project in order to achieve the desired outcome. Specific issues such as project authority, leadership, people skills, and stakeholder communication strategies will be covered. Project management is a practice that requires integration of a great deal of knowledge. However, project management is not just about knowledge, but also about what you can do with it.

(90 minute presentation)

Bullying Prevention Risk Management and Legal Exposure

This session will discuss some landmark federal and state case law and the impact made on schools. Strategies to deal with bullying both from a legal and ethical perspective will be suggested and are intended only to promote further discussion with your school board attorneys. This course does not provide legal advice and should not be a substitute for working closely with your local school board attorneys to address bullying behaviors. 
Not following policy, not knowing what legal responsibilities are required of educators who see bullying are just two reasons that educators are finding themselves legally vulnerable.

(90 minute presentation)


Other training programs are available. Contact Randy Wiler to discuss your schools unique training needs.

Bullying Prevention Initiatives for Law Enforcement

This session provides information on Student Threat Assessment, the Secret Service School Shooter report, questioning and threat assessment techniques. 
Approximately 65% of school shooters could be identified as victims of bullying. Techniques are provided to help law enforcement officers better identify students at risk and take proactive steps to minimize risks.
Strategies for creating an effective bullying prevention program are included in this training.

(90 minute presentation)

Bullying Prevention for Parents

This 60 minute session teaches parents how to recognize bullying and discusses the three roles of bullying: bystander, victim and bully. Parents will learn what is and is not bullying. They will also be offered tools on how and when to intervene in bullying situations.

There is a discussion on cyberbullying and an opportunity for Q & A to glean insight in all types of bullying scenarios.

Download Parent Poster here:

Tabloid size Letter size

Olweus Student Questionnaire input, analysis and review

The Olweus student questionnaire is a requirement of the Olweus program. This survey provides the research tool used to measure success of the Olweus Bullying Prevention program. The questionnaire should be administered before the start of the Olweus Bullying Prevention training program and each year after. The questionnaire provide and accurate assessment of the current condition of the school as it relates to bullying and provides staff an incentive to redirect the behavior.

This service inputs the data from all student questionnaires and provides a 20 page analysis for your school. The cost for the service is $250 per school questionnaire and $1 per student questionnaire inputted and analyzed. $20 additional for a 20 page analysis of each grade level separation desired. Contact Randy J. Wiler for multiple school discounts.

D.A.R.E. Supplemental Bullying Prevention Lesson Training (D.A.R.E. Officer Training Only)

At the request of D.A.R.E. America, Randy Wiler has developed two supplemental D.A.R.E. lessons on bullying prevention. These lessons are made available through the D.A.R.E. Coordinator for each state. 
Typically the state D.A.R.E. Coordinator will require D.A.R.E. officers to receive basic supplemental lesson instruction before permitting the use of this supplemental lesson, or other supplemental lessons within the state or jurisdiction. 
This training supplement provides the necessary training that D.A.R.E. officers will need prior to using the D.A.R.E. Bullying Prevention Supplemental Lesson Plans. 

This training is restricted for use only at approved D.A.R.E. state and national training conferences and training locations.

(90 minute or 3 hour presentations)

Do you know of any great Bullying Prevention Student Assemblies? Contact Randy J. Wiler and let us know who they are so we can add a link to our website.

Kevin Horner bullying prevention assemblies featuring ventriloquism and illusion for audiences K-8.


Bus Driver Training - Strategies for the Bus Driver

This workshop provides the bus driver with an overview of the school wide bullying program. Strategies are provided to redirect bullying behaviors on the bus as well as developing protective factors for the student or students who are being bullied. Safe reporting systems are discussed which encourage the bystanders to become active peer monitors.

(90 minute presentation or 3 hour presentations available)

Serious Talks With Students Who Bully

This seminar examines the five basics stages of change from the book "Schools Where Everyone Belongs", by Stan Davis. Discussion examines the five steps of change involved in redirecting bullying behaviors: denial, externalizing, minimizing, accepting consequences, and accepting the negative effects of the behavior on others. Participants will learn the value of using “reflection” as a tool to redirect bullying behaviors. Bullying rubrics and the need for a whole school program will be emphasized.

(90 minute presentation)

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