Why Health is nearly everyone significant in our life

Five years ago, a topic appeared on one of the websites dedicated to students: “I have to write why health is the most important thing in human life.” It was a homework give to the student at the junior high school level. From the suggestions posted by Internet users, one could learn that “without health, we can do nothing,” that Health cannot be bought for money, that it is the most valuable gift we could receive, that a healthy person is a happy person. It has been repeated several times that money is less important than Health. In contrast, Health makes a person feel valued and confident.

The belief in the unique importance of Health in human life, placing it at the top of the hierarchy of values, is common.


I will not count how many times the phrase “health is the most important” or “how is health, and everything else will be,” I hear every year during carol visits, how many times it appears in ordinary conversations with people about everyday matters. We don’t want anything and ourselves as often as Health. One of my friends was ill for quite some time. “Finally, I came back to the world of the living. And many have already crossed me out,” he said when we met. Then he talked a lot about the fact that the lack of health in today’s world means excluding man, throwing him out of parenthesis, marginalizing him. “At first, they are interested in you. But it passes quickly. They expect imminent improvement, and when your condition does not change, you stop being in circulation. They do not call, do not write, do not ask what is going on. They do not want to hear that without change. You stayed alone, at the mercy of health care and loved ones. And they sometimes have enough of you; they want to live a full life; they do not want to be slaves to your disease. I understand it. But despite this feeling of being a burden, a hindrance to others was probably worse than physical suffering. Yes, as if I lost any value. As if I had no rights to healthy people. Not only the right to happiness but even the right to temporary satisfaction with life “- he shared his experiences and thoughts. On one occasion, I had an extended chat with a fatally ill woman who tried to lead an active life at all costs. They think that since I am sick, I have a duty to be one big misfortune. I mustn’t smile, be in a good mood, enjoy life, feel necessary and useful. It is cruel on the part of healthy people, “she said as if she was making a diagnosis and not complaining.