Ted Farnsworth – A Shining Beacon of Strategic Development and Marketing

Ted Farnsworth is a renowned film producer, entrepreneur and financier. He was the former chairman of Moviepass, a famous movie streaming service, which got shut down last year. In addition, he has had a long career in business marketing. He is known for his expertise in strategic development, which is, again, quite evident from his legacy as the former chairman of Moviepass, besides tons of other achievements in the field of producing movies and business administration.

In recent times, Ted Farnsworth has caught the attention of the global media organisations by co-founding a new company named Zash Global Media and Entertainment. It is an amazing media streaming agency that uses breakthrough models of engagement with the audience, creating contents in various formats to appeal to all sorts of customers.

The features available in the Zash Global Media and Entertainment catalogue are many. Some of these are –Syndicated and reality TV, digital streaming of films, faith-based TV and films, theatrical films, educational programs suitable for people of all ages, and film studio. In addition, it uses a revolutionary method of audience engagement, including personalised content, artificial intelligence, as well as targeted real-time ad serving, to bolster the engagement ratio and produce more satisfaction among customers.


Man with great vision and intelligence

From the facts as mentioned earlier, it is evident how Ted Farnsworth’s expertise in the area of media producing and theatre subscription models are sought by any company that wishes to bolster its performance. He has some extremely good years of experience behind him, working at the topmost organisations to do with media distribution and financing. In recent times, he has worked with a host of legendary film personalities, including Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, and John Travolta.

Ted’s feature-length film executive producing credits include huge hits and critically acclaimed films as well, including Axis Sally, 10 Minutes Gone, Escape Plan: The Extractors, The Row, Gotti, Border, A Vigilante, Monsters and Men, American Animals. So, it is quite apparent why he is so famous in the business of market engagement, media producing, and theatre subscription models. He is a glowing personality of ingenuity, ideas and innovation. Due to his experience, he can also pass on his expertise to people and organisations willing to learn from him. He is a shining beacon in the field of independent media production and public relations. His interviews have appeared in various magazines and journals, including Fox News, CNN, The NY Times, and The Wall Street Journal.