Learn More About The Winner Of Award Show Held In Thailand

The first thing that strikes you when you hear the word real estate is an apartment, plots, house properties, etc. truly real estate business not only belongs to the buying and selling of used properties but also to creating something new. A real estate business comes with a lot of sacrifices, investments, and trust in the owners and also their employees who are associated with construction, designers, planners, etc. the readers should get inspired by the business planning and investments done by Mr. Shubhodeep Das as a CEO of a real estate company through which he won the prestigious FIABCI Thai Prix D’Excellence Grant for the year 2022 held in the assembly hall of Amari Watergate, Bangkok on 25th November 2022 under the category of Private Townhouses Class

What do you understand by FIABCI?

This is an international real estate federation that works for all the stakeholders associated with different parts of the real estate business like agents, developers, brokers, architects, investors, planners, etc., and was established in the year 1951. This group of companies is owned by Pierre Colleyville and is headquartered in Paris, the capital city of France.

Who is Hylife Improvements Company?

Hylife Improvements Company Limited is a private limited company that belongs to the Hylife Group. The Headquarters of this company is located in Star Avenue, San Phak Wan sub-district in the Hang Dong District in Chiang Mai Thailand. Mr. Shubhodeep Das is a part of this firm, he is the founder. This company invested in the construction of Hyconda Thasala a building filled with condos and apartments for residential purposes located in the city of Tha Sala in the Chiang Mai district of Thailand. The construction of this building was completed in July 2022. This building consists of a total of 77 apartments or condos distributed among the eight floors.

The different businesses this group of the company owns-

  • Hylife Asset- is a non-banking asset finance company based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They provide affordable loans to different companies and individuals situated in Thailand.
  • Hylife global food – is a food manufacturing and exporter company established in January 2022. They aim to provide processed and dried food and vegetables.

To conclude, this group of companies has become a strong opponent for different entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai.