Shubhodeep Das Driving Hylife Gathering Turn into Business Chief in Confidential Areas of Chiang Mai

Shubhodeep Das, the man responsible for the pinnacle of Hylife Gathering, recently won the Chief Thailand Grant for 2023. This allowed Hylife gathering to expand its wing into newer areas like land matters, contracts, food items and products handling, healthcare supplies, and restoration clauses. The event took place on January 29, 2023, by BJ.AT (Telecaster and Writer’s Gathering of Thailand) at Amari Wear Mueang Air Terminal Inn.

The initial vision and thought process behind establishing Hylife Gathering was to beat the emergency during the pandemic caused by the novel Coronavirus. Hence, it gave birth to Hylife Gathering, driven by Shubhodeep Das. Initially, it covered clinical complications, land buying and selling, condominium deals, and home loans.

During the rough course of the pandemic, businesses all over the world almost lost their grip and balance. Some businesses were completely demolished. This scenario was evident worldwide, and Thailand, of course, was no different. Mr. Das and his team decided to help the stricken people with the best of what they had. They used their resources and manpower to help the areas like Chiang Mai, where the effects of the pandemic were more severe.

Shubhodeep Das

During the pandemic year, the condominium projects handled by Hylife Gathering gained great momentum. It ultimately aided the economy of Chiang Mai, and the firm is now motivated to acquire extra undertakings to make the business grow in a positive direction.

Hylife Gathering has various organizations under its wing at present. These organizations work together to support the Thai economy as well. Currently, there are 8 organizations:

  • Hylife Resource Company Limited
  • Hylife Advancements Company Limited
  • Hylife Property Improvement Company Limited
  • Cleanliness Clinical Items Company Limited
  • Apex Resource The Board
  • HA Development Company Limited
  • Hylife IBC Company Limited
  • Hylife Worldwide Food Sources Company Limited.