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Shubhodeep Das Driving Hylife Gathering Turn into Business Chief in Confidential Areas of Chiang Mai

Shubhodeep Das, the man responsible for the pinnacle of Hylife Gathering, recently won the Chief Thailand Grant for 2023. This allowed Hylife gathering to expand its wing into newer areas like land matters, contracts, food items and products handling, healthcare supplies, and restoration clauses. The event took place on January 29, 2023, by BJ.AT (Telecaster and Writer’s Gathering of Thailand) at Amari Wear Mueang Air Terminal Inn.

The initial vision and thought process behind establishing Hylife Gathering was to beat the emergency during the pandemic caused by the novel Coronavirus. Hence, it gave birth to Hylife Gathering, driven by Shubhodeep Das. Initially, it covered clinical complications, land buying and selling, condominium deals, and home loans.

During the rough course of the pandemic, businesses all over the world almost lost their grip and balance. Some businesses were completely demolished. This scenario was evident worldwide, and Thailand, of course, was no different. Mr. Das and his team decided to help the stricken people with the best of what they had. They used their resources and manpower to help the areas like Chiang Mai, where the effects of the pandemic were more severe.

Shubhodeep Das

During the pandemic year, the condominium projects handled by Hylife Gathering gained great momentum. It ultimately aided the economy of Chiang Mai, and the firm is now motivated to acquire extra undertakings to make the business grow in a positive direction.

Hylife Gathering has various organizations under its wing at present. These organizations work together to support the Thai economy as well. Currently, there are 8 organizations:

  • Hylife Resource Company Limited
  • Hylife Advancements Company Limited
  • Hylife Property Improvement Company Limited
  • Cleanliness Clinical Items Company Limited
  • Apex Resource The Board
  • HA Development Company Limited
  • Hylife IBC Company Limited
  • Hylife Worldwide Food Sources Company Limited.

Learn More About The Winner Of Award Show Held In Thailand

The first thing that strikes you when you hear the word real estate is an apartment, plots, house properties, etc. truly real estate business not only belongs to the buying and selling of used properties but also to creating something new. A real estate business comes with a lot of sacrifices, investments, and trust in the owners and also their employees who are associated with construction, designers, planners, etc. the readers should get inspired by the business planning and investments done by Mr. Shubhodeep Das as a CEO of a real estate company through which he won the prestigious FIABCI Thai Prix D’Excellence Grant for the year 2022 held in the assembly hall of Amari Watergate, Bangkok on 25th November 2022 under the category of Private Townhouses Class

What do you understand by FIABCI?

This is an international real estate federation that works for all the stakeholders associated with different parts of the real estate business like agents, developers, brokers, architects, investors, planners, etc., and was established in the year 1951. This group of companies is owned by Pierre Colleyville and is headquartered in Paris, the capital city of France.

Who is Hylife Improvements Company?

Hylife Improvements Company Limited is a private limited company that belongs to the Hylife Group. The Headquarters of this company is located in Star Avenue, San Phak Wan sub-district in the Hang Dong District in Chiang Mai Thailand. Mr. Shubhodeep Das is a part of this firm, he is the founder. This company invested in the construction of Hyconda Thasala a building filled with condos and apartments for residential purposes located in the city of Tha Sala in the Chiang Mai district of Thailand. The construction of this building was completed in July 2022. This building consists of a total of 77 apartments or condos distributed among the eight floors.

The different businesses this group of the company owns-

  • Hylife Asset- is a non-banking asset finance company based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They provide affordable loans to different companies and individuals situated in Thailand.
  • Hylife global food – is a food manufacturing and exporter company established in January 2022. They aim to provide processed and dried food and vegetables.

To conclude, this group of companies has become a strong opponent for different entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai.

Take up the real estate services to elevate your lifestyle

As a result of the condo complex building, your life will be better, and you will have more fun. Each room has a unique and functional design that was made with today’s way of life in mind to meet the needs of the people who live there. Because of the project in the new economic zone, locals will have a lot of choices about how they want to live their lives. The city center, which is close to Central Festival Chiang Mai, can be reached in fifteen minutes. There are coffee shops and shared office spaces around the city center, where you can take pictures, relax, have a cup of coffee, or do work. The condo project by shubhodeep prasanta das is the only place where you can fully live your life.

If you want to rent out your property in Thailand, you can take advantage of a wide range of tax deductions. This will lower your tax rate in a way that is hard to believe. Click here if you want to rent out your Thai house. The exact amount of taxes you have to pay will be figured out by taking into account any deductions that the government allows.

property or real estate

Understand how to do investments in owning a property

Thailand has some of the strictest rules about property ownership in the area, especially compared to the rest of the region. The country’s title system is entirely digital and cannot be changed in any way. Because of this, you shouldn’t have any trouble with the authorities at any time.

Most condo developers offer guarantees that last at least one or two years. On the other hand, they will be more willing to find solutions to problems if you bring them up while the money is still on the table, before the transfer is complete, and before the contract is signed.

How do monitor the moments and plans of the clients by using gadgets?

It is completely safe to hire security services to meet the needs of your business. If you want to take charge of the security issues in your home then the security services are very useful. The customized services are offered to the clients based on their home location so you can use the bodyguard service London. You can decide to use the security gadgets to monitor the movements and plans of the clients in advance. There will be no limitations for the clients if they want to hire the security services from our team.

  • The clients will have many advantages if they need the presence of security guards at their home.
  • The opportunities can be utilized effectively if you want to receive the best residential security.
  • If you are planning to build a solid reputation then you can make use of the security services effectively.
  • You can ensure to leave your family in safe hands with the security services offered by our team.
  • The sophisticated tracking technology is very useful to focus on the requirements of the clients on our website.

Deal with the potential threats:

The secure transportation of the assets can be identified with the help of the bodyguard service London. The checkpoints of the assets should be verified carefully if you are ready to handle the transactions with protection services.  It is possible to safeguard the valuable assets of the clients with a wide range of protection services. The proven technologies can be utilized effectively to mitigate the potential risks. The protection and security are offered to the clients so that can deal with the potential threats without any issues. There will be no issues for the clients as the operations and shipments are protected effectively.

Emergency needs of the clients:

You can get ready to deal with the challenges when you take help from trained and experienced bodyguards. If you are planning to resolve the issues at the right time then the security services are very useful. The protection officers will offer modern weapons to handle the emergency needs of the clients. The highest expertise level is maintained so there is no need to compromise on the industry standards. The tailored solutions are considered to be important to offer protection to the clients at right time. Security solutions are offered in different categories to enhance protection in various situations.

Which all areas are served by the Paycom?

Finding the proper person to carry out your vision is a challenge faced by companies throughout the country, resulting in a highly competitive market. You’ll need every advantage you can get. Applicant Tracking automates the posting of available openings to prominent online job boards and screens out unqualified candidates. This also allows us to transfer new hires to onboarding without re-entering data and establish a talent pool with our Candidate Tracker tool. These are the areas that are served by Chad Richison’s Paycom. Talent acquisition entails fire, hiring, and onboarding of talents for the company. They are dedicated to your achievement at every level. They process your first paycheck and provide free training and best-practice consulting. They provide each customer a primary point of contact for any software questions, whether during implementation or in partnership with you: someone who understands you and your business. Because they created the system, the professionals are well-versed in it. Talent management, payroll, Hr, and time and labor management are some of their forte.

Chad Richison’s Paycom deals in the following sectors:

 Large, small, and medium corporations are helped as per their requirements.

  • Onboarding:

New recruits self-onboard, with data flowing systemwide to prevent re-keying of online checklist assignments.

Completion of compliance-critical paperwork on time

  • Tax Credits:

Analyses each job applicant’s eligibility, locates, acquires, and manages available tax credits

Checks the federal tax law for changes

Paycom Software

  • Enhanced Background Checks:

No data re-entry is required; provides a variety of drug testing and health screening services

Assists you in adhering to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance

  • E-Verify:

Online Form I-9 completion by workers safe data entry and storage

proactive alerting of workers who need to be re-verified

All of your talent acquisition requirements may be met by a single piece of software.

HR Tech With Paycom CEO Chad Richison

The Giving Pledge

After graduating, Chad Richison began his career in the payroll industry. He received a gift from ADP and worked there for two and a half years. Meanwhile, Chad realized that there were many inefficiencies and problems in the wage management system. Companies that use these apps often complain that they are wasting too much of their time because of the manuscript that the HR department had to do. chad richison eventually moved to Denver and started working for a regional salary company. He realized that even his new clients faced problems similar to the ones ADP users often complained about. Immediately upon identifying the trends, Chad realized that there were a limited number of companies focused on resolving the issue. That’s where the idea for Paycom came to him. “The first idea is to guide the winning entrepreneurs and is the key to success,” said Richison


$ 20bn market for human resource management software in the U.S. it was an opportunity Chad Richison did not want to miss. Encouraged by market size and the philosophy of having a first-time converter, Chad returned to Oklahoma and began working for Paycom.

The struggle

Since Chad Richison needed a living and did not want to choose a career, he decided to sell his house in Denver and applied for a Small Business Management loan and disbursed his 401 (k). This gave him the money he needed to continue building Paycom. He started using forms from other income providers as templates, and designed all the pages and buttons of the online interface himself. Using simple tools like Lotus notes, Microsoft Word, and Paint, Chad Richison was able to create a workflow for the first version of Paycom software. After completing the first version, the challenge was to look for customers who were ready to use his product. At the time, there were a few potential customers in Oklahoma City and nearby cities, but they did not even have an internet connection. However, Chad Richison was of the opinion that the Internet would eventually become a standard, especially for small businesses. In 1998, Chad Richison introduced Paycom as a business payment service provider. Later, Richison expanded it into additional offerings such as the Employee Self Service (ESS) software, which was Paycom’s first concept.

Using Smart Circle To Increase A Company’s Sales Potential

Promoting an organization and deals is integral to one another and acts as a key to progress. A characterized deals process in the business is mandatory for long-haul objectives and accomplishment. Peruse more about the advantages of the brilliant circle that an organization gains from deals processes Smart Circle. An organization’s working turns out to be more productive regarding a fruitful business. Hence, try to employ a deal of interaction with successful groups.

It helps deal with the deals and measure up to clients’ assumptions. Experienced people in the group cause you to feel sure concerning the request to offer more arrangements. In each cycle, bargains and rewards increment Smart Circle with productive working. The second advantage of the deals interaction is the collaborative working of the business organization. The deals interaction works best when distinct advances run it.

Everybody in the organization gets a few jobs to perform and can characterize items. It makes you consider out the crate and rival others. Prominent deals process groups are related to expanded income, which implies that they help procure additional benefits. It assists the business with accomplishing long-haul objectives and fills over the long haul.

Smart Circle

Aside from the income and benefits of the business, the business cycle of the brilliant circle is liable for making the colleagues responsible for their work. This phase of business is fundamental for doing each division’s work to its best potential.

Business organizations now and again manage unpredicted things like conjecture appointments. Dependable wellsprings of organizations help in foreseeing the deal results for working appropriately from here on out. This assists the business with staying away from unexpected misfortunes and planning for the trouble ahead of time.

Other than any remaining organizational factors, the deals interaction decides the organization’s culture. A joined exertion from all colleagues brings about reinforced results for the business. It assists the representatives with staying fulfilled and spurred.

General information about the Face to Face Marketing

Face-to-face marketing refers to any circumstance in which you promote your company to another person or group of people in person. While giving your pitch, you get to look the other people in the eyes and connect with them on a personal level.

You should take advantage of each opportunity to tell someone about your business and the services or goods you provide.

Smart Circle Face-to-face marketing can, however, take more formal forms. You might attend trade shows, conferences, Chamber of Commerce meetings, and other events to promote your products.

Renting a booth at a local trade show or volunteering to speak at a convention in your area are two options. In either case, you’re putting your digital items in front of real people and having the opportunity to sell them face to face.

Face-to-face marketing, in whatever form it takes, should be a key component of your marketing approach. You don’t want to confine your marketing efforts to digital marketing and other online activities since you’ll miss out on a great opportunity to meet and greet new and existing customers.

Smart Circle

Recall the moment last time you were at shopping. You didn’t know what you were searching for exactly, but you had an idea.

When individuals go shopping for gadgets, this is a common occurrence. They may know they want a tablet computer, but they have no idea which characteristics will be most valuable for their application.

Let’s take a trip back in time to the old-fashioned store. You’re looking through the store’s tablet area, reading product descriptions and price tags. Then a store employee approaches me and asks if he can assist me.

You eagerly accept the offer and go through your tablet’s features. The dealer suggests two or three models that will most likely meet your requirements. You are more inclined to acquire a tablet straight soon as a consequence of the employee’s encouragement.

What exactly is the rationale behind this? It’s because you and the salesman developed a personal bond. He may have cracked a few jokes, asked you a few questions to help him make a better recommendation, or given you some advice on how to save money on the transaction.

All of these benefits are available with Smart Circle face-to-face marketing. It is not required that the event take place in a physical location.

When opposed to internet marketing, face-to-face marketing is crucial since it delivers a distinct experience. You may meet potential customers who would not have found your business otherwise, and you may address their pain points and issues in person, increasing the chances of a sale.

How does the internet influence our lives?

These days, people of all ages are using the internet for their reasons. Since there is nothing that the web cannot do today, there is no mistake if I say the entire world runs behind the internet. Imagine if there is no internet connection for a single day, the whole world will stand still. It is because we rely on the new technologies that work entirely on the internet. Though there are still things that do not want network connections to execute, those are not enough to run the lives of people.

Individuals are utilizing the network connection for various things, and internet usage is expanding its boundaries every passing day. Some of its greatest uses are social connectivity, e-commerce, bill payment, communication, knowledge sharing, e-learning, and more. With these uses, it has become an essential part of our lives. It is not only that ordinary people are using it for their day-to-day activities. But it is also being used by companies to make their tasks at a faster rate and error-free. 

digital media

One best thing about the internet is it is an effective means of entertainment. There are different ways one can make fun, but the internet offers different options. It allows people to watch their favorite movies and TV shows from anywhere, even from their homes. Individuals can play online games, and from some of them, they make money for a living too. They can listen to the beats of their favorite music composers and singers using their smart devices. Many people spend time on social media watching videos other than connecting with others.  

The main reason for them to watch the videos from TheSoul Publishing media is for the exclusive content. The videos from this digital media team are coming in various channels on different social media platforms. Once you have started watching them, you can gain some good knowledge in various niches. Thus, your leisure time can be passed well in a good way, rather than spending it on useless things. In addition to using it for entertainment, people can also shop from home using the internet. 

Some famous e-commerce websites run in different parts of this globe that make shopaholics shop things from their place. This pandemic has also led the children to educate via the internet. But to me, my favorite videos from TheSoul Publishing digital media will teach you things more than something in the books. 

What kinds of activities do face to face marketing involve?

Before knowing the range of activities that can be done by face to face kind of marketing, you need to know what it is. You would have already known that today’s sales of products and services rely on the advertisement. Yes, the way of promoting things influences more on its dealings and trading. It is why manufacturers or business owners come up with excellent marketing strategies in recent times. Also, you can come across numerous marketing agencies that assist the business to promote its products or services.

It is the right choice to employ the service of a marketing service that has good knowledge in this niche. This way, there are more chances for the company to survive and stand out in this competitive world. But the companies have to make sure that it is selecting the right marketing firm like Smart Circle that offers the best service to both the company and its clients. There is something unique about this marketing firm and the technique the agency uses to promote the company to its target audience.

Smart Circle

Nowadays, several companies have started to make use of digital marketing techniques to attract their audiences. Though it offers different merits, it fails to gain the trust of the people on the other end. There comes the trending concept face to face marketing, and many marketing agencies are using this technique to get the attention of the crowd. As its name tells, it is an in-person sales method where the marketing service will interact with the public directly. Now, coming to the topic, there are certain activities involved in this kind of marketing. They are listed below in this article one by one.

  • This kind of marketing agency will go door to door with the public and do necessary campaigns for good sales.
  • They will also perform in-store demos in different local stores which are popular among others.
  • Since people show more interest in exhibitions, as it is a place, where they can know about more products and services, they will have many trade show booths there.
  • In addition to the above-listed points, the Smart Circle face to face marketing team will perform numerous promotional activities where the public gathers more like in malls and other places.

So, when you are thinking of promoting your company and its products to the public in a vast amount that too in a short time, it is good to choose an agency that uses face-to-face marketing techniques.