Born Academically Active: It Is Wardak’s Life

When speaking about academic awards, Wardak belongs to the successful students. He is one of the most outstanding students during his school days. Hamed Wardak is unstoppable when it comes to educating himself until he becomes a successful businessman. When you are going to check and learn more about the life of Hamed, you will discover how he becomes successful since in his younger years.

After Hamed’s student life

When Hamed graduated in college, we returned to his hometown in Afghanistan. He was decided to return the benefit into his homeland that made him decide to serve his fellowmen and work in the government sector. At the time of his profession, he worked as Managing Director from 2004-2005. He also operated as a contractor in Technologists, Inc. for the U.S. Government. During his leadership, Technologists, Inc. earned millions of dollars in design and build contracts. Meaning, he was never a kind of leader that only held his position, but he worked on it. He brings good profit to Afghanistan. Additionally, CUSAP (Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership) was formulated, and Hamed was originally one of the eight founders of this nonprofit endeavour. The partnership between the two states (Afghan and American) work on prosperity and sustainability.

Hamed Wardak

The musician

Hamed Wardak is also a musician. While he is in the field of business, Hamed used the opportunity to shape up another interesting work and contribution to the industry. Hamed comes up with an idea to build an apparel brand named “Ludas Athletics”. Aside from that, he has done into music that made him engage in music production. He got involved in musical events under the name “Valen of Wicked”. It is the new brand of techno created by Hamed, cultural-infused beats that created a big impact in the music industry. With that, he received great recognition in the NYC music scene and all over the world.

The story behind Valen of Wicked

Hamed made clear why he comes up with the banner “Valen of Wicked”. It is a simple explanation yet with a touching story behind the banner. The banner comes from a place where it shows how the life of Hamed that made decide to use the name for the music production. For him, Wicked means everything happened from his past experiences, he remained brave and here he is now. But, Wicked means a lot to him, both good and bad. Hamed says that music plays a big part in his life that made him more inspired and become a better person that reflects everything on where he is now.

How to Manage your Social Media

One of the most important things that work in the modern world is the Internet. Everyone has an online presence, including several companies, so they are constantly connected with the target audience and beyond. With the advent of social networks, instant access to the latest products and services, creating the right resonance, creating a brand presence and generating revenue, has become relatively easy.

Studies have shown that even if you want to achieve more for less money, the time and money you invest is not reduced. When you eat, investing in social media management, you need to make sure that they understand you about the values ​​and ideas that you have. Common things are what you need to understand in order to succeed in your business.

  • It is important that you understand the importance of delivering the right message. For this content, development and marketing are critical, so you can engage your audience by interacting with them.
  • Understanding and interpreting analytics will help you to keep abreast of changes.
  • Presence on all social requires attention. Since you will be an active user, you must ensure that your questions are answered as soon as possible.
  • To do this, it is better to get used to various marketing tools on social networks, as this will help you navigate different platforms and track them.
  • Creativity is the key to highlighting on all s By creating images, videos, promoting events, you can be sure that the audience is fascinated.

media marketing goals

Since it is common for a person to have accounts on several social networking websites, it can be difficult to maintain them, given passwords and access to their use. Having a central environment not only allows you to store all your networks in one place, but also plan ahead for publications and improve profile performance.

You can meet with experts, consult with experts in online marketing and manage your social accounts using the administration service. Check the cost of services and features and compare them with other tools on the market to choose the most suitable.

Best Social Media Platform for Your Brand

Do you want to gain more popularity for your brand and you are looking for the best place to start? Then you should not hesitate to sign up at a social media platform. If you want to push your products and services to the limelight, the social media is the best place to go. Social media can act as a source of information also. It can increase your visibility and also help you to share your expertise. If you are looking for a way to built good relationship with others, a social media platform is also the best places to be. All Social has proved itself to be one of the best social media where you can register and have fun endless fun.

What are the features that make this platform one of the best social media platforms to register for fun and entertainment? We will provide helpful answers to that in the course of this write-up.

Things to know about AllSocial

The app is a social media app with a difference and has so many of the features that you will rarely find at many other social media platforms. For one, all your posts on this platform will be shared to all your followers, unlike many of the other social media platforms around that will only share your posts with a small number of people among your huge followers. This is just one of the many features that make the platform one of the best places to visit for endless fun and entertainment online.

Socila media app


AllSocial was launched in March 2019 and has grown in polarity since then to date. The app is fast becoming one of the most beloved social media apps ever and there are indications that it would have tripled in popularity in another year from now.  All Social has got potentials for growth and the earlier you join the winning team the better for you. Since it was launched in 2019 to date, this app  have already been downloaded by over 1,000,000  people, this means your brand can reach over a million people if you register that brand on this platform.

The app will not occupy much space on your device; it will only need 67.58 MB and this means you will not have to create much space on your device before you can download this app on your device.  You will never regret using this app at all as it has so many features that make it far better than many other social media apps around.

Best Advice for a New Social Media User

The best advice for a new social media user is to set their profile to default to privacy. This means that every post and update is set to go to no one but the user. This keeps the information about the person completely private and gives the user the most privacy of any action on the social media system.All Social platform is a new platform where you can share anything that you wish to share with your followers.

Most of the social networks set their defaults to “everyone can see my profile.” This means that any person that wants to look at the user’s profile will see everything that person has ever posted. Their privacy is not assured on the system, and enemies (or people with bad intentions) can study a person’s habits and attack them on the internet (and sometimes physically if they have allowed their phone to do location-based updates).

This means that a person will not experience privacy until they turn this service off. The negative of turning this service is off is that the user will have fewer chances to interact with their friends and family because they will not share their location or individual updates. However, the privacy that a user gets is well worth the trouble of keeping their updates private.

One mistake that happens over and over on the social media systems is that the users of a system forget to set their updates to private. This means that they target everyone instead of a particular person. This reveals information about the person or the person they are talking to on accident. This is a significant problem, and the best way to make sure that this does not happen is to set the profile to default to complete privacy.

Social media marketing

The truth is that it is better to send an update to no one instead of sending a sensitive post to everyone. There is far more damage that can be done when a person reveals too much information. This damage can cause them to be fired, and it can cause them to have problems with their interpersonal relationships in some cases. Therefore, the minor annoyance that this setting would cause is offset by the privacy that the technique affords.

Finally, a person cannot assume that this makes their profile genuinely private, as there are many systems and tools designed to read the secret messages of a person. Therefore, a person must make a plan only to release information that they are comfortable with everyone knowing. Every piece of information on a social network can be read and discovered by the right tools, and no information is safe on the social networks as long as they do not tout privacy as their main feature.

In closing, a person should always set their profile to default to complete privacy. However, this does not mean that they will be able to keep their profile private. In most cases, this will keep everyone out, but the people who have the right tools. In any case, a person who sets their profile to default to private is a person who experiences far more privacy than those people who do not.

Ensure to have a fresh start when you create an account on the social media sites.

The content which is objectionable will be filtered in the social media sites so that you can get suggestions to follow the great people and great groups. If you select the All Social users whom you want to follow or who follows you then you can have a fresh start. You can get more information about the apps if you directly visit the sl media sites. The individuals who want to engage with the public will mostly prefer to use all media apps.

Express your own views and ideas:

You can try to build your own business as the sl media will help you to develop your own platform. Some of the publications are successful as there are many users who are interested in the promotions and lead generation. All social users can ensure to express their own views and ideas if they have a social media account. If you are an influencer in the social media apps then it is important to identify the needs of the audience. The users who want to make special notes can implement the tips which are offered on our website.

social media

Specific workshops and conferences:

If you are not familiar with the options provided for the users then you can try to learn more about the app. You can stay updated about the specific workshops and conferences with the best practices offered on our website. If you are available for the clients then you should always stay informed about the resources on our website. You can find the consultant firm which is available on our website if you want to get assistance about the marketing. The users can definitely take help from the bloggers and influencers if they want to grow in their community. If you attend the digital conference which is conducted on our website then you can easily learn about the marketing tips.

The Stages Of Film making in Relativity Media


As we all know, films are considered an important art form that entertains, educates, illuminates and inspires the public. The visual elements that it contains do not need translation, which makes it a universal force of communication. The process of creating a film, from developing a sketch of a story or idea to writing a script, filming, editing, and finally delivering it to the public, is called making a film. It takes from several months to one or two years to complete the project.

Stages of movie production:

Development stage:

The development stage is where the story summary is designed in a possible script. Then a detailed script will be written with a detailed description of the characters, situations and general style. The script development process is called script coverage. A potential financier will come up with a detailed scenario. When the financier is impressed by the script, he agrees to provide financial support for the production of the film.

Preparatory stage:

At the stage of preparing the film, a detailed study, and the development of a production budget. It is at this stage that the producer hires a team whose team size depends on the budget of the film. Large budget films will have a team of almost a hundred people, and low-budget films will have ten or even fewer teams. Director, deputy director, artistic director, choreographer, cinematographer, music composer, and music director are the main members of the team.

making in Relativity Media

Stage of production:

Then there is a production phase where a film is created and then recorded. At this stage, Ryan Kavanaugh film team employs more crew members, such as property teachers, script controllers, photographers, sound editors, etc. At this stage, the entire unit will be busy, as the team will prepare its teams, the actors will rehearse the script. discuss with the director, etc. It’s a widespread custom to throw a final party at the end of a project. Thanks to everyone and everyone from the team.

Post-production phase:

In the post-production phase, the editor plays a key role. This is the movie editor who collects the film. The movie editor first creates a rough outline of various scenes or episodes based on individual frames. The next step is the process of cropping a few minutes or seconds to create a professional slice of all images so that it runs smoothly.

Distribution Stage:

Distribution is the final stage when films will be released to the public. Copies of the film are accepted for distribution in movie theaters. The film is advertised using wall posters, commercials, press kits, etc. Usually, the film will be released with press releases, the launch of the party, and a press preview.

Why Health is nearly everyone significant in our life

Five years ago, a topic appeared on one of the websites dedicated to students: “I have to write why health is the most important thing in human life.” It was a homework give to the student at the junior high school level. From the suggestions posted by Internet users, one could learn that “without health, we can do nothing,” that Health cannot be bought for money, that it is the most valuable gift we could receive, that a healthy person is a happy person. It has been repeated several times that money is less important than Health. In contrast, Health makes a person feel valued and confident.

The belief in the unique importance of Health in human life, placing it at the top of the hierarchy of values, is common.


I will not count how many times the phrase “health is the most important” or “how is health, and everything else will be,” I hear every year during carol visits, how many times it appears in ordinary conversations with people about everyday matters. We don’t want anything and ourselves as often as Health. One of my friends was ill for quite some time. “Finally, I came back to the world of the living. And many have already crossed me out,” he said when we met. Then he talked a lot about the fact that the lack of health in today’s world means excluding man, throwing him out of parenthesis, marginalizing him. “At first, they are interested in you. But it passes quickly. They expect imminent improvement, and when your condition does not change, you stop being in circulation. They do not call, do not write, do not ask what is going on. They do not want to hear that without change. You stayed alone, at the mercy of health care and loved ones. And they sometimes have enough of you; they want to live a full life; they do not want to be slaves to your disease. I understand it. But despite this feeling of being a burden, a hindrance to others was probably worse than physical suffering. Yes, as if I lost any value. As if I had no rights to healthy people. Not only the right to happiness but even the right to temporary satisfaction with life “- he shared his experiences and thoughts. On one occasion, I had an extended chat with a fatally ill woman who tried to lead an active life at all costs. They think that since I am sick, I have a duty to be one big misfortune. I mustn’t smile, be in a good mood, enjoy life, feel necessary and useful. It is cruel on the part of healthy people, “she said as if she was making a diagnosis and not complaining.

Sport is good for health: a cardiologist advises

However, we decided to take advantage of the vast knowledge of the doctor and find out what effect on one of the most important organs in the human body – the heart – has sports. We invite you to read it extensively – it’s really worth it!

What effect does physical activity have on our heart, given moderate intense exercise?

Regular moderate-intensity physical training improves heart performance, quality, and life expectancy. During exercise, contractility and heart rate increase, resulting in faster blood flow through skeletal muscles, the heart, and skin. Training the heart consists in increasing the mass of myocardial cells and improving microcirculation, enlarging the heart cavities, and lowering the resting heart rate. The rate of increase in heart rate during exercise is lower in trained people. In addition, the diastolic function of the heart improves. Blood pressure also changes. The value of systolic pressure increases in proportion to the intensity of exercise, while the response of diastolic pressure depends on the type of exercise performed. These changes lead to increased heart efficiency and effectiveness – it is possible to make a specific effort with less oxygen consumption. In long-term follow-up, there is an add to in parasympathetic tone, a reduction in heart rate, and resting blood pressure, especially in individuals with baseline elevations.


In what cases should a cardiologist be consulted before taking up physical activity?

 Before you go to the cardiologist, it is worth consulting with a GP who will interview, examine, measure your blood pressure, perform an ECG, and order basic laboratory tests. Depending on the results obtained, he may recommend broadening the diagnosis and possibly referring to a specialist cardiologist. Always pay attention to any discomfort that occurs under the influence of physical activity. Symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, and fainting related to the effort certainly require cardiological consultation. Depending on the symptoms, echocardiography, 24-hour Halter ECG, and/or exercise testing may be required.

In general, regular, low-intensity physical exercise in a healthy person, i.e., 30-45 minutes a day, 4-5 times a week, does not require extended cardio logical diagnostics, especially if it is well tolerated. However, intense physical effort, and especially the effort associated with competition, which undoubtedly takes place during mass runs, because everyone wants to “break at least their personal record,” requires in-depth diagnostics, which should be repeated periodically. Exercise is also recommended in patients with heart disease, after myocardial infarction, heart failure, after surgery, and other diseases of the cardiovascular system; however, in this case, the degree of exercise load should be selected individually after consulting a cardiologist or a specialist scope of cardiac rehabilitation. It is important to remember that no medicine can replace movement.

Music helps to develop memory and learning

There have already been many publications on the so-called Mozart effect, which showed that a group of students coped with mathematics better when listening to the music of the composer. Some students think that music actually helps them concentrate, but there are those who need silence to learn.

We are musical creatures

 A Writer believes that rhythms and sounds take up more space in our brain than even language skills. As a neurologist, he discovered and studied the role music plays in our lives. One of the practices by a dr. Is singing to people with aphasia, or speech loss, the Happy song birthday. According to him, this is the starting point for treating patients with this ailment that they would sing in their lifetime. It can boost your immune system. One of the more interesting studies has shown that the level of interleukin -1, which is crucial for strengthening our immune system, is positively influenced by our contact with music. Even a quarter of a day, listening can be effective.

It helps elderly people


Older people often suffer from loneliness and depression, especially when they spend their last years in care homes. Music has been proven to help Alzheimer’s patients because it helps them focus on reality for a short time. It also makes such people less agitated. Scientists have proved that those seniors who still play instruments are physically and emotionally more efficient than those who have never played. They noticed that the baroque music Largo or Andante kept to the rhythm of 60 beats per minute, helps in the process of accelerated learning. Calm largo tones lower blood pressure, reduce the number of heartbeats, thanks to which it remains a normal rhythm. The level of stress decreases, the immune system is stimulated, and brain waves also change. The relaxed body and stimulated brain are an ideal state for optimal learning. The newest player on our market, but offering quite an interesting set. By default, we get a 30-day trial period here, and then we have to pay for access to a 40-million-strong music base (similar in size to the competition) This plan is the so-called Echo Plan, which allows us to play music on an Echo device and only on it. We will not take it with us on a smartphone or laptop, but if someone listens to music only on a stationary basis (Echo equipment can be connected to other playing devices), this can be an interesting option. The more that it costs just 2 euros a month, which is just over 8 zlotys. Why store thousands of songs on a disk and take up space or clog your smartphone’s memory, if we can use streaming services and listen to your favorite music online. Let’s get to know the best music services.

Internet shopping vs. traditional shopping, i.e., what and where we buy (infographic)

However, the dynamic increase in the number of buyers and turnover does not apply to all e-commerce sectors – we are still more eager to go to the market for food, gardening, household chemicals, or even cosmetics. PayU – online payment provider compares online and traditional purchases. The use of virtual shopping is most often declared by people who plan to buy gifts or gadgets and computer games – this type of assortment is searched on the Internet by as much as 75 percent. Respondents who took part in the Pay U survey. – Other products that we prefer to buy, or at least we declare, via the Internet, are books, films and music, computer equipment, electronics/household appliances, sports equipment, and mobile phones.

Entertainment from the Internet, and food and furniture from the market

Over the past year, we most often bought computer games online (55 percent of buyers indicated the Internet as the only channel for purchasing this type of product), computer equipment (44 percent), movies and music (42 percent), and books (40 percent.). Products that we least often bought via the Internet were: food and grocery, household chemicals and cosmetics, plants and gardening articles as well as furniture. Over the past year, only one in five respondents made online purchases in these categories. In contrast, grocery shopping is leading the way in traditional trade (90% of respondents indicate this channel of product acquisition as the only), but also such categories of objects as a garden (73%), furniture (60%) as well as household chemicals and cosmetics (53 percent.). It is worth noting that, although the majority of respondents prefer buying food in a traditional market, this market segment has a chance to appear in e-commerce. Last year, every tenth respondent ordered products from the food delicatessen category (e.g., honey, wine, sushi products) online, and 6% acquired in this way, among others bread, vegetables, or sausages.


Clothes, home appliances, telephones – halfway

Some industries are doing well in both traditional and online trading, making profits from both sales channels. We are talking here about stores offering various types of gadgets, as well as clothing and footwear – these products were equally eagerly purchased online and offline last year.

A similar situation applies to the electronics/household appliances segment, which remains the most profitable in e-commerce. Over the past year, buyers have equally willingly visited traditional and online stores offering this type of assortment, and 31 percent of respondents even answered that they had used both sales channels at that time. Pay U also examined the most important – from the point of view of the online consumer – elements related to the finalization of the transaction. For half of the respondents, payment security comes first. For every fifth person surveyed, what counts above all is the convenience and speed of the transaction. Slightly less significant for the online buyer is the lack of additional fees and the ability to view transaction history.