Aleksey Grigoryevich became an officer in the Russian guards as well as he is found to be the popular and eminent who has huge knowledge in the business and in defense also, he is the close advisor to his brother Grigoryevich Orlov who is the lover of Catherine, wife of the Emperor Peter III. Alexei Orlov brothers supported the guards and they planned to overthrow the unpopular peter on July 9 1762. Alexei Orlov is found to be the famous and popular person to provide the business ideas and strategies where he has also worked in many of the business sectors in the top most marketing position. His work made number of business sectors to reach huge heights and popularity all over the globe.

Alexei Orlov

Victory role of the Aleksey Grigoryevich

  • Alexei Orlov brought the Catherine from his place at the Peterh of an outside place from St. Petersburg to the guard’s barrack. After that from there a military escort has accompanies Catherine into the St. Petersburg and here, she was left proclaimed of Russia by the Novgorod archbishop.
  • Then Alexei Orlov proceeded to the Peters palace and then he received his abdication, arrested and then he moved to the village of Ropsha for the several days peter was under the supervision of Alexei Orlov. Finally, he was killed on July 16

Although the role of Orlov in the victory is very minor and he was later abstain from forcing his path to the Dardanelles strait where he was receive as a hero in St. Petersburg and he was given the title called Chesmenski. Due to his strong ideas and brave works, he could win the victory and become more popular in the minds of St. Petersburg people also they named Alexei Orlov with popular name.